Colorful Twin Bedroom

Coastal cottage Twin-Bedroom Design | Delray Beach, FL
Coastal cottage inspired twin bedroom features include:
louvered wood headboards, lantern pendant light, sheers, stacked sea turtle lamp, cozy throw pillows

Design Style: Coastal Cottage,
Location: Delray Beach, Florida

This bright twin bedroom, created for the client’s visiting grandchildren, makes for a fun escape.  Bold colorful stripes are used on the walls to create a lively backdrop for the rustic louvered headboards.  The French doors, which open to a small balcony, are the only source of natural light coming into the room.  To reflect and amplify the natural light, a mirror with a Celtic-inspired design is hung behind the beds.  To allow  light to filter through, white sheers were used, instead of heavy drapes.  Functionality is just as important as aesthetics to Jennifer. Thus, the bedding is a casual ocean blue quilt that is machine washable, ideal for sticky fingers and traces of beach day fun.  Lanterns hanging above each bed conveniently have a switch by the beds, perfect for reading lights for bedtime stories.  Upholstered stools at the foot of each bed can be used as a place to sit while getting dressed.  Since the grandchildren are a variety of genders and ages, the color scheme and style of the room is deliberately inviting to house guests of all ages.