design-processThe unique interior design process at The Tailored Pillow of South Florida ensures our clients are confident that their expectations are being met and their design dreams realized.

We pride ourselves in developing personal relationships with our clients. This closeness ensures that our interior designs are truly reflective of our client’s personalities, talents, hobbies and lifestyle.

Interior design is a living art form, capturing the intangible and making it tangible through symmetry, lines, curves, color, texture and placement.

Should we agree to partner together for your interior design needs, here’s the interior design process you can expect to follow with The Tailored Pillow:

  1. Contact

    Reach out to The Tailored Pillow thru our contact form, or directly by phone, so we can discuss your interior design needs and formalize the scope of your design project.

  2. Collaborate

    This is where the art begins! The more Jennifer talks with you and learns about your personal style, lifestyle, and interior design preferences the better. Tell her everything – don’t hold back! Pretend this is your tenth date, not your first… so tell her if you adore glam statement pieces but dislike straight-back sofas (no matter how “in” because they just aren’t comfy)! Our singular goal is to produce an interior design that’s reflective of YOU, not the trend of the moment.

  3. Design Development

    This is where you put your feet up and relax while we do the heavy lifting. We’ll condense everything we’ve discussed into 2-3 design board concepts, giving you options that deliver on both your interior design space desires and your functional needs. We’ll cover the full spectrum: the high-level interior design style down to the nitty-gritty of spacing, scale and layout.

  4. Materials Recommendation & Selection

    This is often times our client’s most loved step – seeing our styling recommendations and finalizing selections.  We focus on pulling in materials and interior design treatments that deliver on three objectives: style, function and appeal. This goes for everything from paint color, tile, fabric, to that perfect dinning room table and statement lamp.  Think of this design step as picking out the right pair of shoes…knowing when nautical inspired cork wedges are the right choice for a sea-side lunch date; while red-soled, nude patent leather stilettos are perfect for attending an art gallery exhibit.

  5. Client Installation and/or Consultation*

    It’s time to go from window-shopping to owning your interior design dream! This is when the design on the board becomes the living design in your home. A designer from The Tailored Pillow will be there in person, or virtually*, to manage your installation every step of the way. At the end of this step, you’ll be able to live the design style you’ve imagined!

    * For clients residing outside the state of Florida, the installation step will be more of a consultative remote-oriented experience, unless the client requires in-person support which can be accommodated.