Interior Designer Jennifer Blake HoyosResidential designer Jennifer Blake Hoyos cultivated her love for design at a young age. As a child she was influenced by the women in her family who kept beautifully decorated homes.

Jennifer graduated from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.  Upon entering the workforce, Jennifer realized that she wanted a career that allowed her to pursue her creative interests.  She subsequently enrolled in the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and obtained a second degree in Interior Design.

Her childhood exposure to traditional and formal design styles with heavy florals, Queen Ann curves, and loads of wallpaper was quickly introduced to its alter ego – contemporary design. Embracing the clean, simplistic elements of contemporary design, Jennifer found a love for merging the unexpected. Whether traditional with contemporary or coastal casual with tailored sophistication, Jennifer seeks to find the perfect blend of textures, colors, and functional pieces to suit her clients’ tastes.

Jennifer began practicing Interior Design professionally in 2001, working under a talented designer for a small Fort Lauderdale-based design firm. Working as his apprentice developed her application of great design, rooted in space planning and room layouts optimized for function.  Responsible for both extensive remodels and small projects alike, Jennifer developed the skill for delivering clients’ varying personal design styles in budget and on time. Looking to expand her design portfolio and client base, Jennifer founded The Tailored Pillow Inc. in 2005, a full-service residential design firm.

Jennifer’s design style leans toward a clean tailored look, with pops of the unexpected. Her eclectic, transitional style also delivers the comfort and function that her clients demand. Consistently leveraging the beauty of South Florida, she frequently pulls in coastal, natural elements and various cultural queues unique of the area. Primarily servicing clients in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Miami, Jennifer’s local following and reputation has quickly grown beyond Florida. Her portfolio includes clients all along the east coast, from the Florida Keys to Northern Pennsylvania, with occasional west-coast clients. While she primarily designs for residential design projects, Jennifer has also designed for a handful of commercial projects including restaurants and commercial office spaces.

Jennifer lives in Hollywood, Florida, in a light-filled, open, post-modern design styled home with her husband and three children. Her favorite designers are Jonathan Adler, Candice Olson and Nancy Corzine because of their flair for the unexpected juxtaposition of design elements.  However, what most drives Jennifer’s work is her love of interacting with people and delivering beautiful homes.